Orland Park classes to focus on cyber security

February 21, 2018 by  

Cybersecurity will be the focus of an event on the agenda for Orland Park, and it will include both an introductory and more advanced course.

The two-day function will include The Essentials of Community Cybersecurity and Community Preparedness for Cyber Incidents modules. These are intended for individuals, first responders, community leaders, and others who feel they may be helpful to them. Pamphlets and other materials for an event like this can be supplied by a brochure printing company.

During the first part of the training, the students will receive an introduction to cybersecurity and how it can be protected. They will discover the different vulnerabilities that can exist in a cyber system, and also what practical steps they can take to protect them. They will also learn how threats to these systems can affect individuals, businesses and communities. The second part of the event will expand on this, and also explore cyber resilience and the different resources that exist to aid in developing these safeguards.

These educational opportunities have been scheduled for April 11 and 12, and they will be taking place in the Cook County Emergency Operations Center in Oak Forest. They are being offered on a free-of-charge basis, and anyone who is interested in finding out more can contact the Cook County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management for further details.