Find some goodies at the Special Recreation Garage Sale

February 11, 2012 by  

The Special Recreation Garage Sale will take place at the Village of Orland Park Civic Center on March 24 from 9 am-1 pm. Admission is free and tables only cost $25 each; only 80 tables are available.

In this difficult economy, people are looking for less-expensive place to shop. Garage sales and flea markets are becoming more popular than ever and people are more willing to buy slightly-used items than search for new ones. In addition, there are always stories about someone buying an item at a garage sale and finding out it’s worth thousands of dollars later; everyone goes to a garage sale with that hope whether they want to admit it or not. If you decide to sell at the Special Recreation Garage sale in Orland Park you can help draw attention to your table by arranging with a local printing company to provide you with a colorful banner or poster for a very reasonable price.

All funds raised at the garage sale will go towards supporting the Village of Orland Park Recreation Department’s Special Recreation program. The Special Recreation program is for people with special needs aged 3 and up. It is a year-round recreation, sporting and social events program for residents of the Village of Orland Park. Programs and services include the Artist Corner, Hip Hop, circuit training, a Dine Out program where participants go out to dinner with staff supervisors, Time to Spare bowling outings, yoga, a Valentine’s Day dance, Memory Makers where participants create a scrapbook and Special Olympics training program.