Businesses urged to go green in September seminar

August 20, 2012 by  

The next seminar in the Business Unwrapped series will be “Going green in the workplace” and will take place at the Orland Public Library. Attendees are welcome to bring their own lunches to this free event.

The seminar will be presented by Jeanne Krapauskas and will cover every aspect of making an office or other workplace environmentally efficient. Topics such as recycling, choosing energy saving light bulbs and installing insulated windows will be discussed and Krapauskas will no doubt stress that companies that become more environmentally sensitive often find that they are not only helping to conserve the earth but that they also saving money in the long run.

Many companies in Orland Park have already gone green. For example, printing companies are among the most environmentally friendly industries in the world. Most have switched to using vegetable-based inks, use paper made from recycled fibers, make sure they recycle all scrap papers they do not need, take care to dispose of any dangerous chemicals safely, and the industry adheres to self-imposed standards that printing companies must follow. Through examples such as this, the seminar will hope to teach how simple it actually is to switch to processes and supplies that do not use more resources than is necessary.

The Business Unwrapped seminar series is held monthly and is a joint presentation of the Orland Public Library and the Orland Park Chamber of Commerce. Seminars in the series are all on topics of interest to the business community, with this environmentally-friendly offering coming up on September 14, beginning at 11:45 am.