Try some speed networking to grow your referral network

April 15, 2012 by  

The next speed networking event from the Oak Park-River Forest Chamber of Commerce will take place at Catholic Charities on May 3 beginning at 5:30. Dinner will be provided by Whiteboard Strategies.

Networking is something that every business leader must participate in so that he or she can grow their referral network and help take their business to the next level. Not everyone is comfortable networking but, like any other business skills that are necessary it is something that must be practiced. Attending at least one networking event a month is recommended.

Those who are not comfortable with networking might find speed networking less daunting. Each person meets one-on-one for one minute and then has to move onto the next person; there is no time to be lost for words in speed networking. Each person will have time to give their 30-second “elevator speech” and to exchange business cards. There is no time for selling other than letting the other person know what the other’s business can do for them during that speech. Before moving onto the next person each person should agree to follow up within a day or two.

Those from Oak Park and area who plan to take part in the speed working event would be wise to arrange for a new business card printing order before attending. Business cards that are exchanged should be in very good condition and be up to date; crossing out a change in phone number or website address does not give a professional impression.