Oak Park wins EPA’s Green Power Award

September 27, 2012 by  

On Tuesday, September 25, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) named the Village of Oak Park, Illinois, as one of the winners of its Green Power Award. The village was recognized as:

“…a regional leader in green power use both for its Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program and for installing the third largest municipal solar array in Illinois.”

Oak Park is Illinois’ first municipality to choose to take part in the CCA program, with many residents and small businesses included. Under the program, the village buys what are known as ‘renewable energy certificates’ (RECs) that promise to reduce local carbon dioxide emissions by over 170,00 metric tons per year. The reduction comes as a result a huge increase in local wind energy usage.

Oak Park’s success is setting an example for the rest of the country as it starts to move away from fossil fuels to more sustainable forms of energy. Over 200 Illinois communities have followed Oak Park’s example, creating similar CCA programs, with some of them including renewable energy as part of their development.

Printed materials are of great use in a situation like this, where the city has to reach residents and businesses to explain an entirely new concept that has far-reaching consequences. Flyer printing could introduce the concept in a general way, while a follow-up brochure would be ideal for explaining the advantages and workings of the CCA program in detail, especially since print companies follow environmental guidelines very closely themselves.