Oak Park turns over a new leaf

October 21, 2013 by  

In Oak Park, officials recently announced the city’s leaf collection schedule. It gets underway today, and village officials said there are seven planned pickups for each of the Oak Park’s sections.

Residents are asked to rake their leaves into the streets, leaving at least 18 inches between the curb and the pile, the day before the pickup is scheduled. The leaves will be pushed into piles during the night and picked up the next day. Sweepers will run after the collection program is finished to collect any residue that may have been missed during the seven weeks.

The village notes cooperation is vital if the program is to succeed, and asks residents to follow a few rules. These include not parking on or near the leaves, which will make it difficult for equipment to get to them. Residents are also asked to ensure that they are only sweeping leaves, and no other yard waste, into the streets.

Other rules include keeping catch basins clear in order to avoid flooding, obeying all parking regulations, and driving carefully, since wet leaves can be slipperier than ice. Residents are also requested to wet down the leaves to keep them from blowing away, and, finally, the village suggests residents try to compost wherever possible.

Oak Park officials could work with a flyer printing company to get a mailer out to residents describing the program and the rules they need to follow for it to be successful. It will run right through to December 5.