Oak Park greets Christmas the Wright way

December 19, 2013 by  

This Christmas, the Wright Home & Studio employees hope to remain faithful to the founder’s organic style and the way he and his family might have decorated the house. That means the decorations have been kept to a minimum and modern, over-the-top displays have been avoided.

Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright built 25 structures in Oak Park, Illinois, where he lived for twenty years. He designed not only the buildings, but everything that went into them, from the furniture to the accessories, so when it comes to decorating the studio for Christmas, the building staff are paying attention to details.

David Bagnall, the home’s curator, said the decorations were done to harmonize with Wright’s style, and visitors would not find lights tacked up throughout the home. Instead, the staff took their cues from accounts supplied by Wright’s children, who said there was a large Christmas tree placed upstairs in their playroom. That tree has been replicated by staff members.

There are floral arrangements throughout the home, and a number of poinsettias are grouped around the fireplaces, while garlands of fresh pine grace the exterior doors. Finally, small packages wrapped in colorful foils are carefully placed throughout the home.

Chicagoans who want to see the house will be able to do so this Saturday, December 21, when the Home & Studio will be open from 9:00 am to 11:00 am for free Victorian Christmas Tours. The house is at 951 Chicago Avenue in Oak Park.

House staff could work with a poster printing expert to create a piecein the Wright style announcing the tours.