Oak Park elementary school district to air condition classrooms

January 28, 2014 by  

Oak Park Elementary District 97 is going ahead with plans to install air conditioning in 16 classrooms, it has been confirmed.

The project got the go-ahead from the school board in December, and the district asked an architect to create documents that would put air conditioning in the specified classrooms before the 2014 school year starts. The 16 will be a test before all rooms are modified.

The board is also aiming to put a plan in place to create full accessibility for students at Whittier Elementary School. In order to focus on Whittier, the board will have to focus on so called “cap-ex” projects, which cost $100,000 or more. To do this, it will have to ignore other requests.

Dr. Albert Roberts, Superintendent, said that he regretted having to handle things in this manner, but felt it was important to move forward with both air conditions and accessibility issues. The board has been considering these problems since November.

Roberts noted that the only school that doesn’t need upgrades is Holmes, but while this means there is work to be done throughout the district, he feels it prudent to concentrate on Whittier at present. Whittier was chosen as the focus since schools in general are running out of room and Whittier will be closed over the summer so furniture can be replaced, making it the perfect time to work on the building.

The board could work with brochure printers to create booklets that explain the process to students.