Michelin honors two Oak Park eateries

December 16, 2012 by  

The prestigious Michelin Guide has put two Oak Park, Illinois, restaurants on its 2013 list of Bib Gourmands, according to a November 28 report. The establishments thus honored are the Sen Sushi Bar, located at 814 South Oak Park Avenue; and the Marion Street Cheese Market, based at 100 South Marion Street.

The designation is given only to restaurants that serve two courses, accompanied by desert or a glass of wine, for no more than £40. They are the types of restaurants the famous Michelin inspectors would enjoy visiting themselves. The Bib Gourmand restaurants are extremely diverse, with 22 different types of cuisine available in Chicago and the suburbs.

The Michelin inspectors are always anonymous, and pay for their own meals. The system started in 1933 when André Michelin and his brother Édouard began rating restaurants all across France, using the now-famous star system. A one-star restaurant is deemed to be very good in its category, a two-star establishment is seen as excellent and well going out of one’s way to visit, while the exceedingly rare three-star rating only goes to those restaurants deemed to have “exceptional cuisine”. In 2009, there were only 81 three-star restaurants in the world.

Any Michelin recognition is very important for a restaurant, so both Sen Sushi and the Marion Street Cheese Market want to make sure people who enjoy fine dining know about these honors. The restaurant owners might want to consider using brochure printers to help them create brochures to publicize the awards. They could also have digital business cards printed that include the award, along with other information about the restaurants.