Frank Lloyd Wright’s Furbeck House for sale in Oak Park

February 28, 2013 by  

The Furbeck House in Oak Park, Illinois, designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is now for sale.

Oak Park boasts 25 of Wright’s houses, which he built between 1889 and 1913, including the home and studio he constructed for himself. Wright designed and began the Furbeck house in 1896 for George Furbeck, an electrical contractor, and his wife, and finished the project in 1897. The house as described as being a “transitional” structure, built as Wright was developing his famous Prairie Style of construction.

The home first went on the market in 2010 for $1.1 million but is currently for sale at $949,000. It comprises 3,000 square feet and has five bedrooms, three baths, several octagonal rooms, oak cabinetry and woodwork, as well as several large living rooms. It also has a sun porch, library and gallery. In 2002, the house was named as an Oak Park Landmark, precluding any modern updates, though it is air-conditioned.

The house was a wedding present from Warren Furbeck to his son George. In fact, the elder Furbeck gave Wright homes to his two sons when they married. The other house, designed for Rollin Furbeck, is only a half-mile from this one.

Frank Lloyd Wright is perhaps the most important architect in American history, and his connection to Oak Park is central to the village’s history and image. The interest this sale will bring gives the village an opportunity to explain why it is a good place to live. City official could work with brochure printers to create informational materials for this purpose.