Celebrate printmaking in Chicago

February 13, 2012 by  

There are currently several exhibitions showing around Chicago that celebrate the art of printmaking. Those who work for printing companies in the area, including those in nearby Morton Grove will be very interested in the history of printmaking in their community.

Expo 72 is holding three events which celebrate printmaking. Pulled, Pressed and Printed, Chicago is running until April 30. It celebrates and shows the work of several Chicago printmakers and printmaking workshops. Various printmakers and workshops highlighted include Thomas Lucas, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Anchor Graphics and Ingrid Olson. On March 3, Expo 72 will present a free workshop with a printmaking demo. Those who take part will view printing with an etched plate and portable press. They can also “draw and/or collage their own version” of the Chicago flag and seal. This will be in conjunction with The Flag and Seal Revisited exhibit which will run from March 2-April 30. This exhibit will showcase works of art that have been based on the city’s flag and seal; it is also in honor of Chicago’s 175th birthday.

The Chicago Cultural Center is also presenting the Wroclaw School of Printmaking exhibit which will run until March 24. This exhibit “provides an extensive overview of the variety of printmaking techniques and sources of inspiration employed by the artists of the Wrocław School.”

Printmaking has a long history in Chicago and these exhibits and events will help those who work in the field, or those who have an interest in printmaking as an art, appreciate the many artists who have gone before and have contributed to the history.