Whooping Cough outbreak in McHenry

December 12, 2011 by  

McHenry County is currently in the midst of a Whooping Cough outbreak. According to the McHenry County Health Department there are currently 172 known cases; at this time last year there were nine.

Whooping Cough, or Pertussis, is a serious disease that is particularly dangerous for newborns. In California, 10 babies died last year from the disease and over 9,000 people were infected. While the treatment is antibiotics, the best way to avoid this disease is by vaccination. Many parents are letting vaccinations slip; the reasons they do could range from lack of education about the disease, a lack of money to pay for the vaccination or a fear of vaccinations.

The McHenry County Health Department strives to educate the population about the disease on their website. There are links to various documents related to Whooping Cough which discuss the cause, prevention and information on local outbreaks of the disease. It might be a good idea for the McHenry County Health Department to further educate people about this disease by arranging for flyer printing. Flyers could be sent out through the mail to all of the citizens of the county, with information on how to prevent Whooping cough and where they can be vaccinated against it.

There has been a lot of controversy lately about vaccinations and as a result many diseases that we thought were gone have been making a comeback. It is best to obtain information from health authorities and not to rely on fear mongering by others. After all, isn’t your child’s health the most important thing?