McHenry County Named 5th Healthiest County in the State

April 19, 2012 by  

McHenry County has been voted as amongst the healthiest in the state, ranking 5th amongst 102 counties in Illinois. The County Health Rankings has McHenry ranked as having a lower percentage than the national average in such criteria as adult obesity, less uninsured patients, less children living in unemployment, lower unemployment and less single-parent households.

The County Health Rankings are based on such categories as how many fast food restaurants are in an area, what the rate of physical activity is, what the mortality rates are, how many children are living in poverty, the percentage of those suffering from obesity, how many people smoke, and how much people drink.

These rankings can be very important to the economic health of a community also. If people see that this is a healthy community they might wish to move their family to the area, companies whose products are designed to promote healthy living will be drawn to the area, and more tourists might want to visit because of such positive press coverage.

McHenry brochure printers can help the local government and tourist board to create literature that highlights that they are the 5th healthiest in the state. Those brochures can be displayed at the local tourist offices, local hotels, local malls, the public library and local stores. The brochures can also be made available for downloading and printing for those who plan to visit the area. Brochures are a relatively inexpensive way to market an area.