Goodwill donates large amount to FISH of McHenry Food Bank

January 19, 2012 by  

Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois recently donated $2277 in cash and items to the FISH of McHenry Food Bank. Over the holidays, customers to the McHenry Goodwill store donated non-perishable food, non-food items and cash donations. The store’s goal was $1500 which translates to $15,000 worth of food to families who use the food bank.

Many businesses raise money over the holidays from customers and employees. It is a good way to give back to the community that supports their business. It is also a way of marketing a company to the general public. If you make the public aware of organizations that need donations and that you are willing to help them, your customers will remember and might be more inclined to patronize your company again.

Raising money can either be done during a public event such as a dinner dance or a luncheon, at a street festival or individually by arranging for flyer printing and mailing those flyers out to customers asking them to help. By striving to help the disadvantaged, companies show that they are a vital part of the community and care about the people who live in it.

The FISH (Friends of Service Here) of McHenry Food Bank provides for over 500 families each month. In these tough economic times, food banks are becoming more and more necessary. And it’s not just for the homeless and the unemployed, more people that every are now classified as the “working poor” and they often need help to make ends meet and to feed their children.