Art and wine lovers in for a McHenry treat

August 30, 2012 by  

The 20th annual Country Meadows Craft Show / Wine Tasting Festival will take place at Veteran’s Memorial Park on September 16 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Admission is free and approximately 2,500 people are expected to show up. The festival is a presentation of the McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce.

In past years, the craft show and festival has featured jury-selected artists and crafters, a farmers’ market, an antique road show, and wine tasting. There will surely be something there to interest at least one member of the family.

In 2011, artists and crafters could rent a space for $90 for a 10’ x 12’ space or $175 for double space, with a corner space being $25 extra. These prices may still be in effect. It is up to the person running the booth to provide their own tables, chairs, and other items necessary for displaying their items. Wineries from all over the area will probably be represented at the festival and the wine-tasting will only be for those aged 21 or older.

The festival is highly publicized in the area using billboards, signs, posters, and flyers – all services that can be obtained from McHenry printing companies. Flyers, especially, are a very versatile way to advertise the craft show and festival. They can be distributed in a range of way, including door-to-door, handed out on the streets of McHenry, or distributed to local community organizations, public libraries, and community centers.

The craft show and festival promises to be a fine opportunity for local artists to let themselves become known and to allow the community to discover how much artistic talent there is in their town.