Network with your fellow women business peers

May 13, 2012 by  

The Women’s Network Luncheon of the Parks Chamber of Commerce is held on the second Wednesday of each month at Loves Park City Hall from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. Tickets are $10.

The luncheon is a chance for female business owners and employees to share their strategies and tips with one another; to empower one another to do great things in business. Women who own businesses sometimes feel, rightly or wrongly, that they are not taken seriously by some of their peers, so meeting with one another gives them an outlet for their frustrations and helps them to concentrate on making their business a success. Those who plan to attend must arrange for business card printing in advance so that they have enough cards to hand out to their Loves Park peers. They should also practice their “elevator speech,” a 30 – 60 second speech which highlights what their business is and how they can help others.

There are some recommended tips for networking at a luncheon. It is suggested that you sit at a table where you don’t know anyone, that you introduce yourself to the table, give your “elevator speech,” hand out your business cards, and then pass the floor to the next person at the table. Tables at luncheons usually sit eight to ten people, which is a good number of people to meet during any networking event. The main thing is, with any networking event, that you follow up with those you meet as soon as possible; preferably the same day or the next morning.