Boeing deal is good for Loves Park area businesses

January 31, 2013 by  

The Boeing Company has recently announced that it has a $6bn order to build 60 737MAX passenger jets. Other planned projects are expected to raise $4.5 trillion for the company over the next 20 years. This news directly impacts several Loves Park area businesses.

Two of the companies that will profit from this news are Woodward and GE Aviation. Woodward announced in August of 2012 that it plans to invest $200m in the building of a second campus in Loves Park, which will be called the Woodward Rock Cut Campus; it will be located on 60 acres and will have 30,000 sq ft of office and factory space. This campus will build fuel nozzles and servovalves for the 737MAX. Another one will be GE Aviation, which builds aerospace components used on the 737MAX such as control panels, engines, wing flaps, and actuators.

Both of these companies will employ hundreds of Loves Park residents and can only help to improve the local economy – not only directly but through the related industries that provide services to the company and its employees. In order to get the public behind these, the business owners might want to work with reputable local printing companies to inform the community of this upcoming deal. They could create a flyer that can be sent to everyone in the area through direct mail, letting them know about the deal and possibly where they can apply to work for the company.