Take Part in the Good Neighbor Parade

April 22, 2012 by  

The Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce is presenting the Good Neighbor Parade on May 5. The theme of this year’s parade is “There’s No Place like Home”.

Any citizen can apply to take part in the parade; it is free for chamber members, $50 for corporations and $10 for non-profit organizations. There are six categories: Professional Float, Amateur Float, Marching Group, Band, Decorated Vehicle, Classic/Antique Vehicle and Other which includes bikes and wagons. Those applying must submit a statement to be read by the local cable TV announcer. All who take part will receive a free hot dog and pop.

Everyone loves a parade and what better way for a local company to show their love and support of the community by taking part in this annual event? Lansing printing companies can provide banner printing services to help decorate floats as well as promote your business. They can also provide such decorative accessories as flags and signs to highlight the company name and the theme of the float. To fit the theme a float could have a Wizard of Oz theme for example, or it could have a patriotic theme with lots of flags and people dressed as patriots or it could be a tableau about the perfect family night at home. Whatever the choice of theme it will show the community that the company is a true part of the community. It is also an excellent way to build company morale and can be treated as a team-building exercise.