Purchase required posters at the Illinois Chamber of Commerce

January 16, 2012 by  

Effective January 31, all private sector employees in Illinois must post Employment Law Posters on their premises. The new law states that employees must be informed of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is selling a 2-poster set which contains 19 Illinois and Federal postings such as OSHA regulations, a Smoke-free Illinois notice and an unemployment insurance notice. The Illinois and Federal Mandatory Employment Law Poster sets feature 2 24×48 inch posters for $45 plus $9 shipping and handling.

The posters must be posted in a spot that makes them visible to all employees and visitors. Such places the posters should be placed include the lunch room, the front door of the office building, the washrooms or on common walkways.

Poster printing firms in Illinois, including Lansing, will no doubt be rushing to make sure enough of these posters are available to all private industry employers in the state.

This regulation should ensure that all Illinois employees will at least have a cursory knowledge of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. Of course this is legally mandated. However, employees who are more informed about their rights in the workplace will have greater morale and they will be more willing to put in extra work to help their employer. Employees will be more willing to work hard for an employer if they believe that he or she has enough faith in them to trust they will speak up when they believe they are not following proper legal procedures and that they will not face any negative consequences because of it.