Network with the Great Lakes Graphics Association

November 14, 2011 by  

The next Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) event in Illinois will take place on December 1 at Café Le Cave in Des Plaines from 4-7:30 pm. All Illinois members of the GLGA are invited, as are those who are thinking of becoming members.

The event will be a chance for those involved in the printing and graphics industry to meet their peers, enjoy some good food and drinks and listen to a talk about the industry. Joe Duncan, Senior Vice President at Leo Burnell will be the featured speaker on December 1. The subject of his talk will be ‘The Reality of Print (From an Agency Perspective)’ He will cover how the recent recession impacted the printing industry and will show examples of the types of companies that have done the best at recovering. He will highlight how they strategically approached their business and how they dealt with customers.

Those in the printing industry, who are planning to attend, including those from nearby Lansing, would be advised to arrange for business card printing before attending the event. Networking events such as this are a great way to spread word of mouth about your company to those in the industry. They are also opportunities to learn about how those in the industry cope with the various problems that come up.

The Great Lakes Graphics Association is an organization whose mission is:

“To promote print as the premier form of communication throughout the three state region of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and beyond.”

They are affiliated with the Printing Industries of America which is the world’s largest graphic arts trade organization.