Day of the Dead still alive and kicking

November 29, 2013 by  

The National Museum of Mexican Art is presenting the ‘100 Anos de Posada y Su Catrina’, and those curious still have a couple of weeks to see it.

This year’s exhibit is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posade. The artist is seen as the most renowned of popular Mexican creative types, known for his ‘calaveras’, and his best known work is called ‘The Fancy Lady’.

The exhibit, which celebrates both the printmaker and the Day of the Dead, features the work of over 60 contemporary artists from Mexico and the United States, in addition to works by Posade. It consists of several installations, photographs, prints oils, acid etchings, textiles, and altars. Many of the pieces in the exhibit have been borrowed from other museums, while quite a few of them come from the museum’s permanent collection.

Posade is such a well-known and respected printmaker and illustrator that this exhibit will most likely attract many people who work for graphics or printing companies. Since it has been widely advertised in the area, it is likely to attract some who work in nearby Lansing and will gladly take the short trip to Chicago to enjoy this exhibit.

The exhibit has been running at the venue as of September 13 and it will end on December 15. Admission to the gallery is free and it is open Tuesday through Sunday. Those interested can call 312-738-1503 for more information.