Get some great deals during Sidewalk Sales Days

June 25, 2012 by  

Sidewalk Sales Days will take place in Downtown East Lansing from July 13 – 14. The event is presented by the Downtown Management Board and the City of lansing. Most of the businesses in the downtown area will be participating.

Many of the aforementioned businesses will be offering large discounts on such merchandise as clothing, books, and gifts. Many will also be setting up booths on the sidewalk offering merchandise, food, and beverages. Those businesses who are participating can do many things to get more people downtown during the Sidewalk Sales Days. For example, they could work with Lansing printing companies to design and print some flyers to distribute throughout the community. Flyer printing services are inexpensive, especially if the flyers are ordered in bulk. The businesses can mention that if the person who received the flyer brings it in, they will receive a special discount or a product sample. This not only gets people visiting but it lets the business track the effectiveness of the campaign, which will come in handy if they wish to distribute more flyers at a later time.

Many cities have a hard time drawing people into the downtown area to do their shopping, as some citizens prefer to shop at larger “box” stores or local outlet malls. However, every city has stores in their downtown area which are unique and offer merchandise not available in those larger stores. Events such as Sidewalk Sales Days should draw more people downtown and will let them experience this for themselves.