Hoffman Estates presented with Governor’s award

January 19, 2012 by  

Hoffman Estates is one of 26 companies and organizations to be awarded the 2011 Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award. It was chosen because of the city’s “efforts in protecting the environment, and improving the economy through its “Growing to Greenness” program.”

The “Growing to Greenness” program offers green programs and resources for the public and the business community. It also sponsors several recycling events such as recycling holiday lights, electronics and batteries. In addition, the new police and fire stations were built to LEED-gold standards. Also, standing buildings have bee equipped with such environmentally friendly and more energy efficient heating, ventilation and LED lighting. The city has also brought in an anti-idling policy for all city vehicles. The program has received over half-a-million dollars to help implement these policies.

More and more businesses in Hoffman Estates are coming around to implementing environmentally friendly policies. They find that such policies save them money and prevent any further damage to the environment. Printing companies, for example, are switching to vegetable-based inks and recycled papers; they are also implementing recycling policies in the workplace, using LED lights and recycling excess paper products.

Hoffman Estates has received several awards in addition to this one. In 2010, they were awarded the Irwin A. Bock Award for Excellence in Public Administration – Community Environmental Stewardship. This award is given to

“the municipality or township that best demonstrates its ability to minimize its impact on the environment, implement environmentally responsible policies.”

However, the main reasons for implementing these environmentally friendly policies are not to receive awards, but to ensure that our planet will be able to sustain life.