Have fun at the Jaycees Carnival

May 21, 2012 by  

The Hoffman Estates Jaycees Carnival will take place at Barrington Square Town Centre from May 24 – 28. This Thursday and Friday, things get underway at 6:00 pm and over the final three days, carnival goers can join the fun as early as 1:00 pm. A $20 wristband gives visitors unlimited carnival rides.

The carnival is a major fundraiser for the Jaycees, who are an international volunteer organization for those aged between 21 and 40, boasting over 200,000 members worldwide. They donate their time and money to community service causes and organizations. Involvement in the set-up also helps the members develop their leadership skills, which will help them in the future no matter what they decide to do. Proceeds of the Carnival will go to support Hoffman Estates and Illinois charitable organizations.

The carnival will feature many amusement rides suitable for all ages, lots of carnival games, and plenty of food. It will be a fun, family-friendly way to spend a day, which could also be used by parents to instil in their children the idea that helping a charity can actually be fun.

Hoffman Estates printing companies will be keen to help the organizers of this event prepare by providing banner printing, poster printing and signage services. A carnival is a festive event so it has to look the part; colorful banners, dramatic posters and large signs will let the community notice the event if they just happen to be driving past. It can also help to excite those who choose to attend the event by setting it apart from their average, everyday life.