Visit the Dieter Roth exhibit at the MCA

November 17, 2011 by  

MCA DNA: Dieter Roth will be showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago until February 26, 2012. It mainly consists of artist’s books created by the German Icelandic artist; his work is said to “blur the lines between artistic media.” The exhibit, which was organized by curator Lynne Warren, consists of 60 books created by Roth and also highlights three of his lithograph portfolios (titled as Dogs, Bats and Trophies) and several drawings which provided the basis of those lithographs.

In the beginning, Roth used cut up newspapers and advertising flyers; he progressed to using scrap and waste paper. In 1984, after a successful exhibit at the MCA which he helped to plan and design, the artist donated a complete set of his book to the permanent Artist’s Books Collection. Artist’s books are described as small editions of publications; the art of creating these books has become quite popular among artists today. They are an excellent way to showcase an artist’s creativity and design savvy.

Visitors from the Chicago area, including Lyons, will be pleasantly surprised by what can be created with a left-over flyer. Printing companies probably produce millions every year that can add to society’s excess of paper; it is good to know that recycled paper often makes its way into works of art such as the artist’s books of Dieter Roth. The exhibit might inspire someone to find the artist within themselves and to think what they can do with scrap paper.