Celebrate the New Park in Lyons

April 25, 2012 by  

The grand opening for Veterans Park in Lyons will take place on May 5 from 12-2 pm. The opening is a presentation of the Lyons Park and Recreation Department and the Village of Lyons. This means it’ll open in plenty of time for Memorial Day.

There will be lots of musical entertainment, free food and fun and games for all. The new park is located to the north of the Village Hall. A village can never have too many parks; there are more places for families to spend their weekends outside, more space for a variety of community events and more trees to create oxygen and keep the air fresh and clean. Also, a park dedicated to the sacrifice that veterans have made throughout the years to preserve our way of life is always welcome in any community.

Local Lyons companies and stores can play their part in celebrating this new park, they can show the community that they care and want to help to improve the area. Flyer printing companies can provide them with literature that they can send out to their local customers. What they could do is offer those who come in to a local store a discount on something they can bring to the park opening such as a blanket, chair or a cooler so they can bring some extra drinks for the family. This will encourage other people to shop at this store too after they hear about the offer.