Attend the monthly craft faire at the 1901 Gallery

March 23, 2012 by  

The 1901 Gallery/Theatre in Chicago presents a monthly craft faire. The April Craft Fairy will take place on April 1st from 3-8pm. Admission is free.

The event is classified as a Gothic arts and crafts faire. Items available will include handmade jewelery, works of art, candles, incense, dolls and toys, hats, clothing, baked goods and handmade cards; many items will no doubt be steam punk and gothic-inspired to fit the theme of the event. Coffee and other refreshments will be available for sale also. This event will draw people from as far away as Lyons and other Chicago suburbs.

Those who make the handmade cards may have made their own card product or could have purchased the card stock from local stationery printers. There is a great variety of card and paper products that will appeal to all artists and crafters available. And for those who care about the environment, most of the stock will have been made from recycled paper products.

Craft fairs such as this are a great way for artists and crafters to make their names known to the general public. Once they are better known they can begin to build a clientele. That clientele will follow them to whatever sales they go to and will inform their friends. Artists and crafters often work alone and it can be hard to get attention, the more often they appear at craft shows or flea markets they larger their business will become.