American Lion, Inc. holding next meet-up in Countryside

March 5, 2012 by  

American Lion, Inc. Business Networking Group is going to be hosting an event called “Choose to Make a Difference” on the 12th March.

While the name might sound a bit abstract, “Choose to Make a Difference” is more or less going to provide professionals with a platform that allows them to discuss strategies and all kinds of subjects in a laid-back setting. A point of interest for Countryside businesspeople is the fact that Mark’s on 66 is the venue of choice for this month’s event.

Founded with the intention of giving business owners and entrepreneurs a chance to connect with one another in a low-key setting, American Lion, Inc. has been around for just over two years and has managed to accomplish exactly that for the most part. With members offering each other all sorts of exclusive perks and service discounts, there’s no question that there are plenty of reasons to consider signing up and attending these get-togethers on a regular basis.

Although American Lion, Inc. is based primarily in Hinsdale, the group is opting to mix things up a little by holding “Choose to Make a Difference” in Countryside. For local professionals who are interested in seeing what this group is all about, this is a prime opportunity to do so.

The focus for those planning to be at this meeting should be that of finding print companies that offer affordable business card printing. With American Lion, Inc. boasting a membership of over 70 individuals, a healthy supply will be necessary.