The World’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention comes to Chicago

May 8, 2012 by  

Worldcon, the world’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention is coming back for the 70th time as Chicon 7.

As the host for a variety of different awards and showcases, this is a time when people from all over the globe will gather at Chicon to observe and praise new works and innovations that will likely be on display at the convention. This is also a time when business owners can gather and exchange business cards with customers and possible investors to help promote their company or small business. Local printing companies will be on hand to help out as many business owners and agents will require the services of business card printing prior to the occasion.

Chicon 7 will be the host of the most notable award program for science-fiction and fantasy, the Hugo Awards, formerly the Science-fiction Achievement Awards. Since 1953, the Hugo Awards have been the top-notch set of awards that any science-fiction and fantasy author or artist aspire to achieve. Along with the award ceremony, other events such as a film festival, a masquerade, an art show, a dealers room, standing exhibits, and guest appearences will also take place during the convention. Guest appearences will include a variety of different celebrities, authors, actors, agents, and an astronaut, Story Musgrave, whom conducted the first shuttle space-walk in the Challenger shuttle’s first flight.

The convention is scheduled to take place on August 30th to September 3rd with ticket prices including $215 for attending, $100 for young adult, $75 for children, supporting for $50, and “kid-in-tow” for free.