Six Flags to get new coaster

September 19, 2017 by  

Six Flags Great America officials recently announced that the largest loop roller coaster in the world will be opening at the park.

According to the announcement, riders will move both backwards and forwards on the huge loop, then be hung inverted. The loop will stand 100 feet tall, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.

The ride has not been named yet, but it will replace a ride called King Chaos, a tumbling platform that was removed from the Mardi Gras area of Six Flags in August. The new ride will be the 16th roller coaster in the park.

The specifications of the new coaster call it the ‘world’s largest coaster of its kind’. It will turn its riders upside down a number of times, and send them through 360-degree revolutions before suspending them upside down for a long period.

Hank Salemi the president of Six Flags, says “innovation is in our DNA” and park officials are delighted to add this coaster to their already “impressive arsenal of thrill rides.”

Salemi adds that the height of the coaster, and the number of inversions, plus the long inverted hang-time, make the new ride unique. He predicts it will be one of the park’s “most intense attractions when it opens in Spring 2018.

Attractions like this can benefit if officials work with a banner printing company to create banners to decorate the new ride.