Gurnee Grade School students stop texting and start knitting

January 10, 2012 by  

A variety of before and after school enrichment classes offered to middle students at Gurnee Grade school are allowing students to experience a taste of the past, and perhaps a long overdue respite from the high tech world they were born into.

Enrichment activities have replaced study hall or free this year for sixth, seventh and eighth graders at Gurnee Grade School. The program is designed to introduce students to areas of study that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to in the course of a normal school day when they stick to the regular three R’s.

The 48 minute enrichment period is dedicated to learning about Chicago history, reading and discussing classic novels, as well as learning the age old skills of sewing, knitting and crocheting.

Middle school students are putting down their cell phones and picking up knitting needles. Girls and boys alike have been busy making scarves, blankets and similar items that will be given to local organizations over the winter. Catalog printing used to display handmade garments could inspire the students to create knitwear with their own hands.

Gurnee Grade School science teacher Mrs. Kahn and math instructor Dr. Brown are in charge of the service component of their enrichment curriculum. They are pleased that the boys seemed just as interested, if not more, than some of the girls, in learning and honing craft skills.

While some teasing over traditionally female tasks might be expected, none was witnessed, according to the teachers. Gurnee students are proud of their efforts and involvement in service work.