2012 Networking Breakfast on February 28th

February 6, 2012 by  

The Evanston Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Networking Breakfast is taking place on the 28th.

Judging by the Evanston Chamber’s event calendar, local members of the business community have a wide variety of networking opportunities available this month. For professionals looking to make the most of their chamber memberships, there’s no better way to acquire extra contacts than by putting in an appearance at the Networking Breakfast.

Taken from the chamber site:

“Get your morning started with a high-energy meet & greet breakfast hosted by fellow Chamber members in the community. Held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:45 a.m., expand your network before you even get to the office!

• Get in on the action early in the morning.
• Bring plenty of business cards to hand out.
• Bring marketing materials.

You’ll never know what networking format we will use but it will be fun, challenging and productive—be ready to grow your business.” (sic.)

With the breakfast expected to end at 9:15 am, attendees can confidently bring along their business card printing without having to make changes to their own schedules.

Another point of interest is how 415 Premier Apartment’s status as an event sponsor has given it a chance to put itself in front of potential clients and business partners. Since this group will be providing the venue as well, there’s plenty of exposure to be gained from hosting the breakfast.

In light of the fact that this breakfast is free for members and there’s the option to register online, Evanston professionals have nothing to lose by signing up.