New laser tag facility opens in Edwardsville

September 18, 2017 by  

An arena that combines the thrills of laser tag to the wonders of Ancient Egypt is now open.

Fall 2016 marked Edison’s Entertainment Center’s fifth anniversary in Edwardsville. The facility is located on Illinois 157, with Tom Rezabeck serving as its marketing manager and Matt McSparin its president and CEO. As the anniversary approached, the duo started considering ways they could freshen up the center.

They found their answer when they went to a trade show and discovered a concept they believed would appeal to laser tag players: creating an arena based on Ancient Egypt. McSparin said they had discussed using a theme for their attraction when they discovered the Egyptian idea. He added there are only two arenas in the country using ancient Egypt as their theme, and the Edwardsville site is one.

The new system can handle 24 players, and offers 26 different types of games. There are seven major props that carry through the Egyptian theme, including pharaohs’ masks, sarcophagi, the pyramids, the Sphynx, gigantic cobras, and a fire tower activated by touch. The new arena comprises 4,000 square feet, and includes new vests and laser guns.

After opening the facility with a ribbon-cutting earlier this month, McSparin invited a group of businesspeople, aldermen, and media professionals inside to take a closer look.

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