John Paul Keith – A Night in Edwardsville

April 2, 2012 by  

On Friday, April 20th, 2012 John Paul Keith will be in Edwardsville at The Stagger Inn located at 104 East Vandalia Street in Edwardsville, Illinois. John Paul Keith’s performance will begin at 9pm.

John Paul Keith is a fantastic singer and guitarist, not to mention, a super songwriter. His lyrics and melodies seem effortlessly to float on the air and capture the spirit. His live performances are exciting and explore a wide range of themes and influences. John Paul Keith’s band, The One Four Fives, music is a little garage rock, a little Tex-Mex, a little mid 60’s pop, and a little countrypolitian, although guests would be hard pressed not to call it feisty rockability. Heck, some of their greater tracks have a jazzy blues sound to them that get the toes tappin’ and the fingers snappin’. Participants will enjoy an evening of lively entertainment and unexpected fun.

On tour, this group has opened for Memphis’s own Lucera, plus taken a European tour with legend Jack Oblivion, who wailed out garage-punk and during this period the release of many new songs and albums, all of which may be heard at this concert. John Paul Keith and The One Four Fives have created a great legacy for themselves. Participants will enjoy a spellbound night reliving all the works this group has created.

Print companies probably were instrumental in meeting this event’s stationery printing needs. Tickets are now available and can be obtained through The Stagger Inn’s website or Facebook page. For additional information, please call The Stagger Inn at 618-656-4221.