Ari Hest performs at the Wildey Theatre

January 17, 2013 by  

Ari Hest is a musician of unparalleled passion who has created amazing songs at an astounding rate. The performer’s entire life is a soundtrack that is compiled during the hours he does not spend sleeping – a unique approach and one well worth pointing out in any promotional poster printing for tomorrow’s performance in Edwardsville.

Hidden on his iPhone are hundreds of melodic snippets, with more to be found on his computer at home. Hest is all about sound and recording, which becomes extremely evident when you realize this artist created six albums during the year 2008 alone. He wrote, recorded, released the three EP’s and ‘52’ while releasing, every Monday, a new song for an entire year. He also writes educational music for children, which are usually songs for the kids to sing along with.

Recently, Hest released ‘The Fire Plays’, his seventh full-length album, which is a cohesive effort and is filled with his personality. The album begins with ‘Untitled Part 2’ and finishes with ‘Something to Look Forward To’. The highly productive performer and songwriter should not be missed by people who love great music.

Tickets vary in price and parking is free at the theater. Ari Hest will be performing live tomorrow, January 18, beginning at 8:00 pm at the Wildley Theatre located at 252 North Main Street in Edwardsville, Illinois. For additional information, please visit the Wildley Theatre website or call the box office to purchase tickets as soon as possible, as this event may be a sold-out performance.