Locals prepare for temperature drops

January 14, 2014 by  

Locals of the Chicago Metropolitan Area, including Deerfield, have taken to calling their city ChiBeria as prepared for 10 inches of snow last weekend, and temperatures went below zero Sunday evening. The nickname came from Richard Castro, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service, as a portmanteau of ‘Chicago’ and ‘Siberia’. The nickname caught on in Twitter feeds.

The forecast called for a -50° wind-chill blowing at 35 miles an hour Sunday evening, picking up snow on its way. Castro points out that this kind of weather is highly dangerous and residents should not go out in it unless it is an emergency.

The local Jewel grocery store filled with people stocking up for the winter weather on Saturday. Alexis Bernardi Reis from North Side commented that she did not want to fight the crowds for supplies and would work with what she had in her apartment. She said:

“Everybody was in the same boat. They just wanted to get their grocery shopping done and not worry about leaving the house tomorrow or Monday.”

Snow plows and salt trucks worked into the night while several hundred flights departing from O’Hare Airport were cancelled.

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