Local charity walk pays dividends

December 25, 2013 by  

A walk to raise money for mental illness awareness raised $100,000, it has been confirmed.

On October 5th, volunteers came out to Glenview’s Blue Star Memorial Woods to raise awareness and funds for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) through the NAMI CCNS Walk for 2013. Other volunteers provided coffee, refreshments, and gift bags. At first, participants thought rain would ruin the walk but no drops came down from the cloudy sky.

The NAMI provides assistance and information for those suffering from a mental disorder. These include depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. The Cook County North Suburb branch is located in Deerfield, Illinois.

The co-president of NAMI CCNS, Sandra Shovers, said that the event was to spread a message that mental illnesses can be treated. Michi Marshall is the wife of Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears, and runs the Brandon Marshall Foundation which also aids those with mental disorders. Marshall supports NAMI and believes both organizations are slowly eliminating the mental illness stigma. She said at the event:

“And you know, NAMI is one of the leading foundations for mental illness.

“What they’re doing here is raising awareness and bringing awareness to Illinois is truly spectacular… [NAMI] is bringing awareness to different illnesses, different struggles that each and every one of us face or knows somebody who faces.”

Some of the walk’s supporters wore NAMI Walks T-shirts to the event. Fundraising events often have shirts like this made to commemorate the experience. It may pay off for a T-shirt printing company to research fundraising events in their area and contact them about discount items.