Economic woes force long-time Deerfield restaurant to close

March 2, 2012 by  

A popular Deerfield eatery will serve its last meal Sunday, March 4. The day will also mark the end of a longstanding dream of the restaurants owners. According to the Deerfield Review, fighting the tough economy finally became too much to bear for George and Vicky Christakis, who have owned and operated George’s What’s Cooking Restaurant for the last 13 years.

The couple were no longer able to keep up with the property’s mortgage payments, explained George Christakis. Since the couple’s Northbrook residence was tied to the purchase of the restaurant site they have lost their home as well.

George Christakis spent four decades working in the restaurant industry as a bartender, server and manager before making the leap out on his own. Shortly after the couple was married in 1978 they opened their first restaurant in Chicago. They successfully maintained the restaurant for 22 years before heading off to the North Shore to raise their three children.

‘What’s Cooking’ opened in Deerfield in 1999 as an American family restaurant that included a variety of Jewish dishes to satisfy the large number of former Chicago customers who had moved to the Deerfield area, explained George Christakis. Banner printing might be used to place on the door or windows of the soon-to-be former restaurant to notify potential businesses that the space is vacant and available for occupancy.

Cashier and hostess Tina Grevoginis, has worked at ‘What’s Cooking’ for five years. She called George and Vicky Christakis the kindest and most generous people she’s ever met.