Deerfield residents gather to meet son of former Israeli Prime Minister

December 16, 2011 by  

Deerfield residents recently had the opportunity to meet the son of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Gilad Sharon appeared at the Highland Park Public Library to promote his book about the triumphs and tribulations of his father’s life.

Hot off the press from a printing company, Gilad personally signed and discussed the book “Sharon: The Life of a Leader.” The biography is a compilation of personal information taken from diaries, letters, personal notes and conversations.

Gilad, Areial’s youngest son, describes how his father rose to become a powerful political figure, and the great influence he had with regard to politics that extended beyond the Middle East. Gilad also reminisces about the warmer and softer side of the warrior politician when he describes the deep connection he felt to his beloved Sycamore Farm on the outskirts of the Negev desert, and how deeply his father cherished his family.

The 1967 accidental death of the former leader’s eldest son, Gur, who tragically lost his life while playing with his father’s rifle, left Ariel with permanent emotional wounds, Gilad writes. A surprising and touching side note in the book was that the former Israeli Prime Minister always carried notes when speaking in public because he never forgot how embarrassed he was when he forgot his lines in a grade school play.

Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke in January, 2006 and remains in a near-coma in a Tel Aviv hospital. Gilad says his father has what he described as minimal consciousness. Gilad signed dozens of books and talked with Deerfield attendees about the biography of his fatehr which may keep printing services busy for some time to come.