Celebrate African arts in Chicago

August 5, 2012 by  

The twenty-third annual African Festival of the Arts will take place at Washington Park from August 31 to September 3. Admission is free and this neighborhood festival is known as the largest one in Chicago.

The festival will feature a variety of African food, live musical entertainment presented on the Dee Palmer Woodtor stage, health and wellness workshops, a book pavilion and an arts pavilion. The type of items available for sale within the arts pavilion will include fine artworks, photographs, wearable art, jewelry and paper products. The book pavilion will be featuring up and coming authors as well as looking at the Griot tradition of storytelling. Most likely the organizers of this event will be looking to Chicago printing companies to provide such services as banner printing and postcard printing.

A colorful banner will definitely draw people to an artists area. Many artists also use postcards as a form of business card; the front of the card has a sample of the artist’s work and the back, in addition to providing space for an address and stamp, contains the artist’s contact information. Many people like to collect attractive postcards and display them on a refrigerator or wall; they will constantly be reminded of this artist and will think of them when they want to buy some artwork for their home.

Outdoor art festivals take place all over the country during the summer months; people seem to be drawn to them in large numbers. They are a great way to discover new local artists and rediscover old favorites.