Whistle Pigs to get Champaign squealing

January 15, 2013 by  

A southern Illinois hillbilly band will be performing later this week in Champaign, providing a great evening for couples to come out and enjoy a few beverages while enjoying some fantastic music. Poster printing may have advertised this exceptional event to people in the community.

The band, the Whistle Pigs, began as a house band many years ago in Cardondale, Illinois. This lasted for two years until the band moved on to a touring schedule and debuted in 2008 with its original album of songs that were written by Joe McCamish, the group’s banjoist and vocalist. Copies were sold in their hundreds and releases since have made the Whistle Pigs into of the most loved bands in the area.

After the band’s second album release, it began a series of gigs that continues to this day, but now features some Bluegrass as well. This group has stuck to its rural roots and features music from the fiddle, banjo, washboard, upright bass, accordion, and pedal steel to bring the unique sound of the instruments to the audience.

The Whistle Pigs will be performing at the Cowboy Monkey this Thursday, January 17, starting at 8:00 pm. The Cowboy Monkey is located at 6 Taylor Street in Champaign, Illinois. To learn more, or purchase tickets, please visit the Cowboy Monkey website or call the business during normal business hours. Please note the event is suitable only for people over the age of 21, and photo ID must be presented.