Spring cleaning awaits for Champaign residents

April 9, 2013 by  

The ‘Boneyard Creek Community Day’ will people the opportunity to do something good for their community by volunteering their time to help clean up one of the local community’s prized natural treasurers.

This is a great day for families to come out and make a difference, as all ages can do their part with the cleanup. Flyer printing may have been the method chosen to promote this great outdoor activity to the people in this region – not forgetting to dispose of the flyers responsibly afterwards, of course.

As volunteers get down and dirty while cleaning up the Boneyard Creek area in Champaign, they will help restore the beauty of this region and maintain its status a wonderful spot in this area. As part of the cleanup, people will be removing litter and non-native plants, as well as marking storm drains. When the hard work is done, volunteers will be treated to a free lunch.

People must check in by 9:00 am, as the crews will be dispersed from the Scott Park location. Volunteers are reminded to dress in comfortable clothing suitable for working outdoors, and that no open-toed shoes should be worn. Hydration is important, so bring a refillable bottle too.

This is a voluntary event, so there is no charge and all are welcome. It will be held next Saturday, April 16 starting at 9:00 am at Scott Park located at 706 Kenwood Road in Champagne, Illinois. To register a group or to learn more, please contact Eliana Brown at 265-0650 or the Parks District at 217-398-2550.