Employment session just the job for Champaign youth

January 17, 2014 by  

Today’s ‘Job Corps Information Session’ in Champaign has been set up to provide students with information about becoming a Job Corps candidate, which helps young people learn about a career, completing their diploma and GED, and how to get and keep a great job.

This information session is aimed at people who are 16 and over and who qualify as low-income earners. As part of this session, students will learn what types of educational programming is available to improve their skills and assist them in landing a successful career and life.

Participants will be required to take an eligibility quiz before learning how Job Corps works, what is involved in their outreach and admissions programs, and what the career preparation period will entail. Many of the young people involved with Job Corps complete their education, learn marketable trades, and make a group of lifetime friends and business contacts, meaning that it could well be worth taking some digital business cards along.

Most Job Corps (although each is individual) will have campus settings and dormitory facilities for the students. Guidance and support services are supplied to all students accepted.

This event is free to all students and their families and will take place this afternoon, starting at 1:00 pm, at the IDES Unemployment Office located at 1307 North Mattis Street in Champaign, Illinois. To learn more about programs offered through Job Corps, please visit the programm’s website or call 309-676-5627 and ask for Rebecca Hawkins, who is the Admissions Counselor.