Bristol Place redevelopment finally going ahead

December 6, 2018 by  

After years of effort, it appears Bristol Place, located in north Champaign, will be redeveloped, with tenants moving in early in 2020, according to an article in the News-Gazette.

The effort is going ahead because of a public-private partnerhsip among the city of Champaign; AHDVS, a development firm based in Orland Park; and the Housing Authority of Champaign County. Jennifer Carlson, the program manager of Champaign Neighborhood, said the project feels as if it is “finally coming to life”. She believes the redeveloped Bristol Place, which offers affordable housing will be an environment where people will choose to live.

At present, Champaign is focusing on the development’s next step, which is awarding construction contracts, valued at approximately $12 million. The funding will go toward the building of 26 town homes, and 64 single-family residences. Developers of projects like this can use brochure printing to create booklets showing prospective tenants the development’s amenities.

Local businesses owned by veterans, the disadvantaged, women, and minorities will win thirty percent of the contracts at a minimum. In addition, the terms of the agreement require AHDVS to hire a minimum of ten local workers. Preference will be given to those residents of Bristol Place who have been displaced by the project.

AHDVS is actively looking for local residents and businesses who want to work on the project before tenants move in, particularly those skilled in lawn care, painting, carpentry, and cleaning. They encourage everyone interested to apply.