Make your own Valentine’s Day cards at Rolling Meadows Park District Community Centre

January 19, 2012 by  

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and many people are looking forward to sharing declarations of their love with a significant other. At Rolling Meadows Park District Community Centre on February 8 from 6-7 pm, children and their parents can make cards to share.

This free event will provide everything needed to make personalized Valentine’s Day cards such as paper, rubber stamps and stick on decorations. It is a fun activity for children to share with their parents. The cards can then be handed out to classmates, teachers and parents on February 14.

Professionally printed Valentine’s Day cards have been around almost 100 years; Hallmark distributed their first cards in 1913. In terms of cards bought, Valentine’s Day cards are second only to Christmas cards. 144 million cards are sent on an annual basis in the United States; 85% of them are bought by women; men are more likely to buy flowers than a card, although many a modern man will now stretch to a Valentine’s card too.

If you want something professional looking, Rolling Meadows printing companies can help you design and print a personalized card for your significant other. While not totally handmade, it is definitely more personal than one bought in a card store – and you could even print a bulk batch!

Whether you like or loathe Valentine’s Day itself, it is still a day that gives us all a chance to tell the person you love exactly how you feel about them, whether it’s a close friend, partner or even a family member.