Competitive ice-skating glides into the area

December 22, 2012 by  

Ice skating has become a popular sporting event and has millions of fans all over the world, although most people are only exposed to the sport at the top echelon of competition such as the World Championships or the Olympics. This month, many residents of Rolling Meadows will have the chance to catch some ice skating competition featuring skaters at the beginning of their competitive careers. Who knows, some of these skaters may become world-class skaters and those who saw them here first will be able to boast of seeing them at their early stages

The Frost Fest Individual and Team Skating Competition will feature over 200 skaters from all over Chicago and area. All skaters will be members of the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) and will include children as young as three all the way up to adults. Spectators will be treated to a wide array of competitive skating, including solo skate, compulsories, music interpretation, and synchronized skating. In addition, there will be an exhibition by the Chicago Jazz Synchronized Skating teams.

Skating fans living in Rolling Meadows, or elsewhere in Chicagoland, will no doubt be informed of this upcoming event by flyers designed and produced by local printing companies.

The 15th annual Frost Fest will take place at the West Meadows Ice Arena on December 28. Admission is free for spectators. Skaters pay entry fees for the first competition in which they take part, priced at $37 for those under six years old and $52 for everyone aged seven and older, while additional competitions are $15 each. For more information, such as times contact Leanne Walsh at 847-818-3210.