Upcoming event honors a celebrated poet

December 6, 2016 by  

The annual Robbie Burns Dinner is taking place next month in nearby Bristol.

The dinner is dedicated to the life and works of Robert Burns, the Scottish poet who lived from 1759 to 1796. Burns Suppers are held throughout the world close to his birthday, which is on January 25.

Guests will be treated to cocktails and a full sit-down dinner. The evening will feature music, poetry readings, and of course, scotch whisky pairings. The traditional Burns Supper begins with the piping in of the guests to the table. This is followed by the recitation of The Selkirk Grace. Dinner will start off with a soup course, and then the haggis will be piped in. One of the guests will then read Address to a Haggis and there will be a whisky toast. Dinner will be followed by several speeches about Burns, the reading of the Address to the Lassies, the Reply to the Laddies, and several poems written by Robert Burns.

This event will likely be advertised to surrounding areas such as Middletown through flyers and posters, which can be quickly and inexpensively distributed.

The Robbie Burns Dinner will be held at the DeWolf Tavern on January 21 from 6:00 to 9:30 pm. Tickets are $75 each. To learn more about this sure to be popular evening event, contact the tavern at 401-254-2005.