Middletown schools to stay open

November 24, 2016 by  

The Middletown Board of Education has made a decision that will keep two local schools open for at least another year.

The board had been considering the closure of either Spencer or Macdonough Elementary as part of an effort to save money. At a recent meeting, the board, after listening to input by parents in the neighborhoods that would be affected by the closures, came to the decision that neither would close.

According to Superintendent Patricia Charles, both of the schools have been dealing with declining enrollment over the past few years, and it was felt that closing one could result in a savings of as much of $500,000. She had stood up a committee to look in to the situation, and at the recent meeting, they presented their findings, and between those and the input from parents, the board voted to keep both educational facilities open. Newsletter printing can be used by a schoolboard in a situation such as this to create publications that keep local families informed about the latest developments.

The Hartford Courant noted that the parents expressed a strong feeling of attachment to the schools, and that they are a vital part of the community. It went on to say that Linda Szynkowicz, who is member of the board, felt that she felt that keeping schools open should be a top priority, and they should not be closed unless there is no other alternative.