Middletown conference to focus on women’s health

August 31, 2017 by  

A conference will soon be taking place in Middletown that will give women information and other tools they can use to take charge of their health and lifestyle.

The 7th annual Women’s Health Conference has been planned to offer something to women of all ages. The day will quite literally kick off with a women-led demonstration session of combat kickboxing, which is a popular fitness activity. After this, there will be presentation about a variety of health topics, and a vendors’ area will be set up with displays from businesses and organizations showcasing the different health-related products and services they have to offer. Reusable pop-up banners and other promotional items for a large function like this can be both designed and produced by a professional printing company that offers marketing services.

Breakfast and lunch will be served to the attendees, and they will have time to socialize with one another as well. The guest speakers for the day will be Dr. Catherine Alicia Georges, who is the President Elect of the AARP, and also Rosa Delore, who is the Congresswoman Representative for Connecticut.

Dedicated to helping local women lead healthier, happier lives, the conference will take place on September 30 at 440 West Street in Middleton. More information about the function can be found on its Facebook listing.