Business group coaching session comes to Middletown

October 23, 2016 by  

An invitation has been issued to business owners in the Middletown area who are interested in helping to ensure their company thrives.

A small group coaching session with 12 or fewer members is being organized by Sharon K. Lewis and Tom Gezo. It will provide those who take part with an opportunity to experience business coaching in a supportive environment.

Best practices will be shared, giving members a chance to learn about setting goals and developing a strategic plan, and how they can assess the strength of their company. They will also work at developing a road map for the success of their enterprise that they will be able to execute after the event is over.

Participants will be able to leave with a greater understanding of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) for their business, as well as an enhanced vision for it and an increase in energy in their ownership style.

The registration fee for the group coaching session will be $199.99, and a 20% discount is being offered for anyone who signs up before November 1. To receive this, people are asked to use the code EARLY20. A printer can produce digital business cards for those who plan on taking part in this type of function.

The session will be held on December 2 in room Usdan 136 of the Wesleyan University, Usdan University Center. Further details and an opportunity to sign up can be found on the event’s website.